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The fan is the most important appliance for human beings especially when it comes to evaporating the sweat or cooling the body temperature. In this way, Table fans are considerably most convenient when a particular person needs the air while other persons in the room or any place don’t need the fan air. These are portable in size and can be taken anywhere as they just need an operational socket and a button to start the fan.

Superlex appliances are well famous in the Delhi NCR region for manufacturing smart table fans with durability and high power armature and self-sufficient designs. These fans have three blades and a base system on a body engineered with an oscillating and non-oscillating system, which means rotational and non-rotational head of the fan. These fans acquire minimum space and are easy to move.

Models of Table fans with Superlex Appliances

There are five models currently being manufactured by the Superlex Appliances

Superlex Venus STF 05 : This table fan is manufactured with ABS blades. ABS is considered high quality and unbreakable material. The fan is built with a strongly bonded copper armature with 1-year replacement warranty. The blades are designed with 400 mm technology for widespread airflow. The machine consumes just 230 volts. 

Superlex Vento STF 02 : The fan is glossy and finished with ABS material. “Superlex appliances” provides a 1-year replacement warranty on this model if there is any defect in the motor. However, we assure you that the motor of this portable soothing machine is bonded with high-quality copper wire and equipped with aluminium motor parts. The blades are 400 mm smartly engineered for widespread airflow.

Superlex Elegant STF 01 : The major attraction of this portable movable cool machine is that the “Superlex Appliances” has placed the speed controlling button right below the blades which are closed with a high-quality iron net. You can adjust the speed of the 400 mm blades as per your need. However, the engineering method of the motor is similar to other fans. You can also get the colours in this model which is another attraction.

Superlex Maxx STF 03 : This fan is also built on the technology of 400 mm blades in order to make the airflow smooth and wider. The other attraction of this cool machine for you is that you will get three speeds. You will also get attractive dual colours in this model. The tagline of the company “Living made easy” defines here because you will get this high-quality machine in an economical range.

Superlex diamond STF 04 : The machine size manufactured by “Superlex appliances” is more portable than other table fans. The blades are 300 mm widespread. The design is more convenient for you and according to your usage. The machine is often preferred by the people works in cabin, compact areas of the hall or rooms or makeup artists.

These designs are always available with the Superlex Appliances.

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